“Mbosi Nke Nwanne Oyia Anaa”

  • Anioma Proverb

Rarely do they have the idea how rich the Ibusa community in Delta State is in terms of human capital. The ancient dusty little town set on a beautiful hill along the major road with ancient and modern houses meeting and surrounded by very many large natural streams of water could well pass for the wealthiest in human resources in Delta State judging from the magnitude of what she has. However, humans alone do not get the society to be perfect. Such is Ibusa, the hometown of Beverly Naya and Chinazor Onianwah, two heavyweights in movie production.

If Beverly Naya accepts the personal desire of ScenicPlots developer and international filmmaker, Chinazor Oniawah, Anioma could well see both filmmakers partner to enact a story of the community and other ancient stories in movies. And the desire of Onianwah could go a long way in adding to the cultural development of the people.

Beauty and brain British-born Beverly Ifunanya Bassey popularly called “Beverly Naya” is a proud daughter of Anioma from Ibusa in Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State. She was born on April 17, 1989 to Ibusa parents in London, United Kingdom and is an only child. The international actress, winner of the 2010 Best of Nollywood “Most Promising Talent” award and City People Entertainment “Fast Rising Actress in 2011, known for mesmerizing her audience with strong British accent is the choice of Chinazor Onianwah to bring movie production down to the Anioma enclave.

Chinazor Onianwah, born in 1963 to Ibusa parents and is multi-talented in filmmaking and scripting, app development and authorship. He was born in Cameroon to a Nigerian father and Cameroonian mother and has published several writers including Pen Master’s work, “Essentials of Anioma History” which was launched in Ibusa, Delta State in January, 2017 with very high profile Anioma personalities in attendance including the Personal Assistant on Social Media to President Buhari, Ms. Lauretta Umebei Onochie, Prof Pat Utomi, Economist and two-time Presidential aspirant, HRM Obi Charles Anyasi III, the Obi of Idumuje-Unor, Obi of Ezi (represented), HRM Obi Dr. Martha Dunkwu, the Omu of Okpanam/Anioma, the Omu of Onicha-Uku, Chief Onochie Monyei, the Odogwu of Akwukwu-Igbo (represented), Prof Austin Uwandulu, Enyi Doris Oby Mokobia, the Kpakpando of Akwukwu-Igbo, Marcus Enudi, President of Anioma Youth and Ifeanyi Nwaezeigwe, among several others.

What do they share in common?

  • Both are kith and kin from Ibusa
  • Both studied Scriptwriting and filmmaking
  • Both are in the Diaspora; Beverly Naya is based in London, UK and Chinazor Onianwah is based in Washington DC, USA
  • Both are celebrities; Beverly Naya is a Nollywood star and Chinazor Onianwah is a movie maker.
  • Both are beyond immediate knowledge; while Beverly Naya is also an agricultural farmer with a factory, Chinazor Onianwah is software developer now recognized by GooglePlay.
  • Both Beverly Naya and Chinazor are hungry to contribute to the development of Nigeria.

Beverly has reportedly said “in Nigeria, we have to know the needs of the people—what they are lacking to be able to make an impact …” and Chinazor Onianwah has also in a published interview told Pen Master “With this app, I want to be the source of all the greatest stories that is ever made into a movie. If you control the source, you control the movies. Compare it to the Suez Canal in Egypt or the Panama Canal. Whoever controls the canals control global trade”.

Beverly and Onianwah, two illustrious Ibusa natives can come together to take the bull by the horn and Ibusa, the land of their birth will be the beneficiary.

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