I am in Ibusa Youth Leadership Race to Rouse Politicians and Fight Insecurity and I Know the Road won’t be Easy – Ifeanyi Asiodu

I am in Ibusa Youth Leadership Race to Rouse Politicians and Fight Insecurity and I Know the Road won’t be Easy


  • Ifeanyi Asiodu


Ifeanyi Asiodu, one of the contestants for the position of the Ibusa Youth Council presidency in Ibusa, Delta State has stated that his major aim is to rally around the Ibusa people towards building the patriotism to take interest and involvement in Ibusa affairs. This and many more he tells EMEKA ESOGBUE, Chief Administrator of the ICDU NewsAir.


Emeka Esogbue: You are in the contest for the youth presidency of Ibusa Youth Council, what motivated your ambition for this very position? Our readers will like to know.


Asiodu: Well, thank you very much sir, Elder Emeka Esogbue for this very interview. Yes, I am actively in the contest for the Ibusa Youth Council presidency and a lot of factors motivated my ambition for this very position. To have a positive impact on Ibusa youths, as well as to create a sense of cooperation and unity among the youths. Also to arouse politicians in Ibusa to work for the welfare of the youths and our community.  I also think I should help to highlight the causes of various problems affecting us as a community. I should help to launch necessary reforms in the community for eradication of insecurity and cultism, help to develop community leadership among the youths through their participations in community programmes, help to develop the idea of ability, better thinking, work for the betterment of the community, abolish differences among the youths and develop spirit of common interest, sacrifices and also patriotism to participate collectively in Ibusa community service.


Emeka Esogbue: A lot of people are still confused on whether the Ibusa Youth Council is a traditional organization which is known to the people as Otu Okwulagwe or just an Association. Asiodu, what have you to say regarding this? 



Asiodu: Hmm! It is a traditional organization; Otu Okwulagwe cum Association because we have our traditional obligations, and associates with other associations to develop our youths.


Emeka Esogbue: Within the community, some people are worried that the search for the leadership of the Ibusa Youth Council has been hijacked by politicians from the community who now secretly support and sponsor their own candidates. Let us understand it very well. Is Ibusa Youth Council under the threat of powerful Ibusa politicians? 


Asiodu: No sir, it is not under any threat of politicians, and l don’t share this thought with you. Let me be honest with you, if you know the purpose behind this position, that is, if you are committed to be a Youth President, you will not be partisan. The body is called Ibusa Youth Council. It is non-political. It is a body that fosters love and cooperation amongst all sons and daughters of Ibusa both home and abroad. It is a body that successfully produced four youth presidents namely. Mr. George Nkenchor, Mr. Chinedu Monyei, Mr. Ifeanyi Nwaezeigwe and Sir Alfred Isoh.


Emeka Esogbue: so, now, you have mentioned Nkenchor, Monyei, Nwaezeigwe and Isoh, all of which indicate that this Council is old in existence. Asiodu, in your own judgement did the previous Administrations perform ably well? 


Asiodu: As we all know that being a leader is not an easy task. Done is better than perfect. Yes, they have tried. We have tried to a level, but not yet there. leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.


Emeka Esogbue: Can you share with us your campaign promises for the Ibusa people? 


Asiodu: The beauty of leadership is fulfilling the purpose and the purpose is to keep campaign promises and the growth of Ibusa youths. Evidences suggest that the more positive features. Our youths have the greater contributions positively, developmentally and mentally. Given that the focus of this interview is based on community service and delivery for the youths, one of the major reasons l am contesting for the youth presidency is to tackle insecurity and cultism in Ibusa. This is going to be my first assignment. Our youths must live by examples, shun cultism and become useful with their lives. One of the most important things l will do for the youths is to let them know they are not alone. It is one of the powerful gifts God has given me. And that is the ability to serve. I have passion for youth development and it has helped me gain a greater appreciation and understanding for the importance of supporting young people. This position will allow me to serve as a coach and a mentor to the youths who don’t know where to turn to for guidance.  However, we also need to be reminded that Ibusa youth presidency isn’t just about voting or trusting me to fix things overnight but coming together to think about the future of our dear town and our youths.


Pen Master: Some people claim that so far, the youth organization has impacted nothing other than revenue and other illegal monetary collections from both indigenes and non-indigenes alike in the community. Do you also share this thought?


Asiodu: we have successfully improved in the past within our areas listed below and l am proud to say that we helped and contributed to the restoration of light to Ibusa after 8 years. We also created anti cult. We have been organizing events to mark the annual wrestling contest in Ibusa. With support from our sons, daughters and Nigeria Police, we instituted a warning and conflict monitoring network to save our community from Fulani herdsmen. The report promptly enlightened our people as well as facilitated the quick intervention of the Nigeria Police. The Youth Council body has embarked on operation to keep your environment clean.


Emeka Esogbue: In this electoral journey, what have your experiences been so far? Who do you owe thanks for coming thus far? 


Asiodu: Life is a journey that brings us to a place that fills our life with joy, difficulty, hardships, celebration and special moments. My journey has been quite interesting. With the youth presidency election. l have started a journey of my life in our community. I know the road won’t always be easy because no one really knows what to expect. On the way, we can stumble on impediments and also become confused about the particular road to follow but we must overcome these difficulties and follow the right path. Sometimes, these challenges are blessings in disguise, but we don’t realize it. But God is behind this project.  I owe all these to the God of the whole universe, my beloved wife, my kids, my late elder brother Osonye Asiodu and my younger brother Dikpo Asiodu. They have seen the capabilities that l hardly see or know.


Pen Master: Any disappoint so far?


Asiodu: None.


Emeka Esogbue:  Who is Ifeanyi Asiodu? Tell us your story.


Asiodu: Thanks for the question. I can really say a lot of things on this one. I was born and brought up in Isiuzo, Umuodafe in Ibusa, Delta State. This journey was amazing and l love every moment of it. Mr. Ifeanyi Asiodu is a 43yrs old father of 5 from the humble family of Mr. and Mrs. Matthias kwuteli Asiodu. l attended Ugwuatakpo Primary School and St Peter’s College, lbusa. I have worked with the General Steel Mills Limited, Asaba, Delta State where I rose to become the Secretary of Steel and Engineering Workers Union of Nigeria, Asaba Branch before venturing into the business of transportation, hoteling, real estate development and general contracts. Yes, l am never tied to find out how things work. I am a deep thinker that hope to continue this journey with the same passion.


Emeka Esogbue: Thank you for speaking to me.


Asiodu: Thank you Pen Master for the interview








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