1) Igbuzo, Igwe, Igwe nu. Ndi nne anyi, Omu, Omu nu

2) I write on behalf of the Ibusa Community Development Union (ICDU) Worldwide.

3) The ICDU has followed with deep concern the on folding developments culminating in a plethora of comments , both informed and to a large extent uninformed opinions on the letter from HRH the Obuzor of Ibusa to the family of our revered father Onowu Plus Nwanze, Snr. Diokpa of Igbuzo who recently joined the saints triumphant ; on the processes of the emergence of a successor to the late Snr Diokpa Igbuzo.

4) This letter, unfortunately, has since it was made public today generated unmerrited developments tending towards enthronement of crisis in our dear town Igbuzo.

5) Consequently the ICDU hereby APPEALS FOR CAUTION AND UNDERSTANDING in the handling of this situation..

6). The ICDU understands the need for Igbuzo to perform the final burial rites and interment of the late Senior Diokpa of Igbuzo and even in the absence of that, the processes therefrom for the emergence of a successor to that revered traditional institution.

7) The ICDU is equally aware of the need for the Succeeding Senior Diokpa Designate to appropriately acsend the revered stool as and as when due in order to avoid a situation of vacuum in this important traditional institution.

8) The ICDU is also cognisant of the historical anticedents of the emergence of successors to the revered institution of Senior Diokpas of our town in our not too long a past. This chequered past necessitated the 2008 Proclamation on Sucession of
Senior Diokpas with or with out physical internment of their predecessors.

9) The ICDU is also aware that our late father Onowu Pius Nwanze was a beneficiary of this understanding and Proclamation.

10) The above assertion not with standing, the ICDU however believes that the unforeseen circumstances of the global Covid -19 Pandemic and the Nigerian situation in particular, duing which period we unfortunately we withnessed the demise of our immediate passed on Snr. Diokpa Onowu Pius Nwanze ; does not lend itself to the categorisation of the circumstances of the days that called for the 2008 Proclamation.
11) This subsisting law of 40/45 days sucession not withstanding, the ICDU APPEALS for cautionary consideration of the prevailing circumstances in our nation and in deed the world over.

12) The ICDU wishes to warn that this consideration as canvassed above should be taken side by side the equally compelling need NOT TO UNNECESSARILY DENY the In-Coming Snr. Diokpa Designate whose inalienable right it is to assume office as soon as when appropriately due.
13) It is for this reason that the ICDU calls for an all encompassing understanding of the situation on ground with the view of reaching a peaceful and workable solution.

14) The ICDU believes that this can be worked out without unnecessarily heating up our community’s cohesion and peaceful wellbein

15) Consequently the ICDU APPEALS TO OUR EZEMESE COMMUNITY TO PLEASE REACH OUT TO THE PALACE for an amicable resolution of this situation knowing fully well that our Idi na Isagba brothers and sisters are qualifiably desirous to have their nay our 100+ years old Onowu Ashimedua ascend the office of Snr. Diokpa Igbuzo –
needless to state that pressure could also be mounting on the Obuzor to do the needful from that direction too.

16) Gratituously , the Pandemic Lockdown would witness some level easiness with effect from this weekend during which period, the ICDU believes, we can as a peace loving community fashion out some ways and means of navigating through this without a loss of esteem by the Palace that has already put out a letter. The ICDU also believes tha the Palace upon persuation can equally ameliorate its pisition in order to accord our late Diokpa Nwanze the dignity of a peaceful sucession. This would obviously become a Win – Win situation to all parties.

17) The ICDU thus appeals for a moratorium of some days from the Palace to enable us achieve this consequent upon the anticipated reachout to the Palace by our peace loving Ezemese community.

18) We APPEAL against any form of HARDLINES on the resolution of this situation which can be predicated in the spirit of the unexpected dislocation of our various schedules by this COVID. 19 Pandemic.

19) Finally the ICDU admonishes us all to be law abiding so that Igbuzo will continue to enjoy the nascent peace and tranquillity we have all collectively achieved in the last five years.

20) These are perilous times and the globally ravaging CORONA Virus knows no boundaries. We call on all our people to please observe all necessary health precautions and keep Safe.

21) Thanks immensely

Ide Austin Izagbo
President General. ICDU Worldwide

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