– Emeka Esogbue

As you read, note that these are claims based on mental acceptance of the people which are not really based on human reasoning or scientific knowledge. Again, note that most of the beliefs have fizzled out completely and no longer exists.

Enjoy yourself!

1. A child cannot walk across the leg of a pregnant woman or that woman may bear a child resembling him.

2. It is forbidden to walk across any living person when he is lying down.

3. It us forbidden to sweep at night or you invite spirits

4. When giving money to a person, you don’t throw it at him

5. It is forbidden to whistle at night

6. When a child has sand or stone in his eyes, he goes to breastfeeding mother to drop breast milk in his eyes to clear it

7. It is forbidden to interpret dreams during the day

8. If you go to Ashia Okpulukpu tree at night, you are likely to see spirits carrying lanterns and moving about.

9. A night crawler is likely to meet spirit on the road

10. The second born of the twins (Agiliga) is older than the first (Onyeisi)

11. A person’s personal god will only agree to a thing when one first agrees

12. It is forbidden for an Ibusa indigene to arrest another Ibusa person with the police

13. It is forbidden for an Ibusa person to fence his house in Ibusa

14. It is forbidden for an Ibusa to sell his landed property to a foreigner

15. When an angry mother chases his child to punish him and he runs to an adult and screams “egbolu mi”, he is left alone

16. The Ibusa society forbids women from dressing like men. Usually, when noticed, they scream “Okpoho yi li okei, njor ka obu”

17. A child that eats too much cannot be brilliant.

18. Marriages between Ibusa and Asaba scarcely ends well

19. It is forbidden to tell tales during the day

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