Peace Returns to Ibusa’s Umuodafe at Last By Philip Ngozi Ifechukwude

Peace Returns to Ibusa’s Umuodafe at Last

By Philip Ngozi Ifechukwude

The people of Umuodafe are in a jubilant mood today as peace finally returns to the community. This is followed a full Parliament of the entire village at Ogwa Umuodafe (Ogwugwu Afor) at Ogbo Iwu square today. The meeting was the first after 8 years.

The meeting was summoned at the instance of the people over a long feud that existed between the Odaukwu and Odanta also known as Odafe- Isiuzor, two major clans that make up the Umuodafe quarter of the community.  This near age-long loggerhead, in some instances occasioned the dual participations of the two blocs in the traditional activities the quarter as felt in the people’s burial and marriage ceremonies.

The development was a sad one as the issue also unfortunately degenerated into the two blocs of Okanga performers in Umuodafe, something once considered a taboo by the people of Ibusa as a whole. Worse still, both performers of the Okanga had had to meet on the way of performance of the rite necessary for the burial of Mkpaalor title holders in community despite being a taboo. Notable indigenes of Umuodafe Quarter of the community had in recent past raised alarm over the development they held was already breeding bad blood among the two related clans of Odaukwu and Odanta, hence the need to end the feud became rife.

Presiding the parliament today (December 9, 2018 was the Uwolo of Ibusa, Chief Amaechi Nwaenie who reeled out numerous reasons why the feud must end. Before the meeting, he had sought the permission and blessing of the ten diokpas of the clans that make up Umuodafe. More so, in order to ensure that lasting peace reigns, all the diokpas were either present or represented.

They include the diokpas of the four clans that make up Odaukwu:

  1. Umuijemagwuna – Diokpa Egbuna
    2. Umuezeagulu – Diokpa Adinlofu
    3. Umukwa – Diokpa Stephen Etiwe
    4. Idumuogbuu – Diokpa Emenanjo;

Then the other six ogbes that make up Odafe-isiuzor being:

  1. Umumkpulakasi – Onowu Bialuwa Ugo (Diokpa Umuodafe designate)
    6. Umuokonogwu – Sen. Nosike Ikpo represented by Onowu Asiodu
    7. Umuosowe – Capt. Sylvanus Ashibuogwu, rtd.
    8. Umuasiekwu – Joe Okafor ‘Anaeliaku’
    9. Umuezeokolo – Joe Okonma represented by Onowu Kanweli
    10. Idumuobi – Diokpa Okonkwo ‘Nwannunu’

In the end, all the previous standing committees were dissolved and replaced with two recent ones. Most prominent was the committee for Iwu festival. A new one that has the input of the entire ten clans of Umuodafe was set up with the agreement to have subsequent ones set up in due course.

Apart from the fact that all the activities will now hold in unison, the Umuodafe Quarter will henceforth hold one Okanga during burials.

It was indeed a development that elicited a happy mood in Umuodafe and beyond and also an example to other quarters of the community with similar dispute.


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